Sunday, September 9, 2012

Imagination -- IF

This is for Illustration Friday’s “Imagination” theme. It’s a little different than I imagined when I started but I’m happy with it.

I used my fathers set of oil pastels that he bought at Eaton’s shopping centre in the 1970s. Price tag: $2.50. Apparently they still work. It was my first time using pastels. I think I’ve got the gist but will need more practice. They’re really enjoyable to use, especially on the black paper.

My original idea involved lots of exotic plant life. I was still thinking that when I started making the wave... then I lost focus. So to recap we have alien spacecraft, rocket ship, dinosaur, Superman and ... water. Kind of funny.

Superman’s a bit of a mess but I was pleased with the dinosaur.

UPDATE: I sealed the piece with fixative and quickly noticed it was a GLOSS fixative leaving sporadic shiny bits all over the image. Thinking it was sealed, I grabbed a can of matt varnish and gave it a quick coat. Unfortunately, most of it dried white. Big mistake. Lesson learned.

Oil pastels on paper
16" x 22"


Cindy D. said...

This is excellent for a first shot at pastels (and from the 1970s, no less!) My favorite bits are the rocket and alien ship.

John Andrews said...

Thanks Cindy!

Sarah said...

It's amazing that this was your first attempt at using pastels! This is a very imaginative piece and perfect for this week's IF theme. Well done! :)

John Andrews said...

Thanks Sarah!


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